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Phonograph Dolls and Toys
Well known collectors Joan and Robin Rolfs have created this wonderful new collector's guide to the fascinating world of talking dolls and children's toys. The full spectrum of the hobby is included in this elegant book. From the first talking dolls by Edison and others to the modern talking dolls of today, this books illustrates and describes hundreds of collectable talking dolls and toys in full color. A price guide also provides a current value for each of the items illustrated.

While a number of books have appeared over the years illustrating various categories of toys, this is the first book that concentrates on the talking dolls and other toys from all eras that use phonograph records of one sort or another to add the dimension of sound to the childhood experience.This is a large format book, 8.5" by 11" and its 228 pages give the subject a very thorough coverage. You may view sample pages below.

In addition to detailed information and illustrations of 100 years of talking dolls, the book covers the many varieties of hand-powered children's phonographs, from the Columbia and Victor products of the turn of the last century, to modern educational models. Toys meant to be used with a phonograph, such as dancing figures and movie viewers are covered as are the special children's records of all periods. This book is sure to delight anyone who ever was (or still is) a child.

Phonograph Dolls and Toys is the most detailed reference available for all talking and singing childhood toysPhonograph Dolls and Toys is the most detailed reference available for all talking and singing childhood toys.

Some of the unsolicited comments received from early purchasers:

"The book arrived today! It's better than I expected and I had high expectations! Great job. I will have hours of enjoyment out of this one. It's beautifully put together, very informative, and fun". D.M., Oregon

"Finally! Thanks for writing this book! Up until now there has never been written anything worthwhile about toy phonographs, so this is very welcome." P. W., Sweden

"Your book is fantastic...extremely well done and excellent pictures and outstanding material. I went through it twice... which I rarely do and enlightened each time. I am especially pleased that you took the " toys" all the way up to the present...I feel this adds more depth to the older items. It is an outstanding publication and you can be justly proud of your joint accomplishment" L. S., Wisconsin

"When I arrived at the motel last night I stayed up most of the night reading your new book Phonograph Dolls and Toys. It is a wonderful book. The quality (and detail) of the material is awesome. Those pictures . . . oh, my, suffice to say that I did stay up most of last night looking at the pictures and reading the material. It will take many more nights to really read through it carefully. My second passion is reading . . . I read most any subject. Can always tell when someone writes about what they love. The pages seem to come alive and dance before your eyes. That explains why I was up most of last night. When the pages dance . . time passes quickly. A great book." W. H., South Dakota

"I received my copy over the weekend and this long anticipated book was certainly worth the wait. I have seen the book progress from idea to final product and I was very impressed. The book comes in both hard and soft-cover versions and has hundreds of color photos of nearly all items mentioned. The photos are quite clean and detailed and the layout is beautiful. The book is almost whimsical with many beautiful drawings and sketches. I also believe this book will fast become the bible for collectors of toy phonographs and dolls. It covers these items from the beginning to now and also places a value on them, which will be helpful as a guide to determining what something may be worth. There is just so much great information and I highly recommend you all getting a copy to add to your collection of reference books. Congratulations Rob and Joan on a spectacular undertaking and keep up the good work". S. M., Florida