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The Columbia Phonograph Companion, Volume I, is the very long awaited revision of Howard Hazelcorn's long out-of-print study of the early years of Columbia and their cylinder phonographs.

This handsome large format book is hardbound, and contains 304 pages. All Columbia Cylinder Phonographs are illustrated in color, using contemporary machines whenever possible. Many virtually unknown machines are illustrated and described, as are the more commonly seen instruments. All products of other companies which used Columbia Cylinder mechanisms are also illustrated and described.

Charts outlining all available reproducers and horns are included, offing detailed descriptions of the styles which are appropriate for each model.

A rarity scale and price guide are provided for each model of Columbia Cylinder Graphophones.

Author Hazelcorn has spent the last 30 years researching Columbia and its products, and has built the world's largest library of information on the subject. No other author could have rivaled Howard's depth of knowledge on Columbias.

Contributor Raymond Wile provides a scholarly look at the beginning of the cylinder industry from the perspective of Columbia's involvement, and well known author Allen Koenigsberg has provided the introduction, as well as numerous historical details on many of the Columbia models.

Columbia Phonograph Companion Volume I is priced at $39.95.