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In 1924, Brunswick scooped the other major phonograph manufacturers by striking an agreement with RCA for the supply of radio chassis for a line of Radio-Phonographs. Brunswick was at least full year ahead of its major competition.

The Brunswick consoles contained one of three of RCA's newest radio chassis, including the best-performing radio of the day, the RCA Superheterodyne. The Superheterodyne was featured in the top two models, and was a revolutionary design invented by Edwin Armstrong whose patent was sold to RCA.

Brusnwick-Radiola 30
Brunswick-Radiola 30

Bruswick-Radiola 35
Brunswick-Radiola 35

Brunswick-Radiola 100 a
Brunswick-Radiola 100

Brunswick-Radiola 160
Brunswick-Radiola 160

Brunswick-Radiola 260 montage
Brunswick-Radiola 260

Brunswick-Radiola 360
Brunswick-Radiola 360