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The Diamond Disc Phonograph is the other half of the Edison Phonograph story. These fine machines were introduced to a disc-hungry public in 1912, and remained in production until 1929.

George L. Frow's The Edison Diamond Disc Phonographs and the Diamond Discs documents the history of the development of these important instruments. Many experimental, and all production, Diamond Disc Phonographs are illustrated and described. Additionally, the story of the development and manufacture of the rather unique Diamond Disc records is presented.

George L. Frow is well known within the Phonograph collecting community for his extensive research and dedication to the history of Edison Phonographs. Mr. Frow is only the third person elected to the Presidency of the City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society since its formation in 1919.

The new 2001 edition of this favorite reference has been enlarged to include information on the wonderful discoveries of both of the Large Gothic Edison Phonographs. Also, other new information has been added, making this new edition a welcome addition to the library of the new as well as the seasoned collector.

This new American edition of the The Edison Diamond Disc Phonographs and the Diamond Discs is softcover and priced at only $19.95.

The Edison Disc Phonographs and the Diamond Discs