Mulholland Press

Publications for the phonograph collector

Victor Talking Machine Co.

Look for the Dog (new color edition)
Look for the Dog (in Japanese, out of print)
The Victor Data Book
Thomas A. Edison, Inc.
Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion (New digital edition available on iTunes. A few "hurt" print editions available)
Edison Disc Phonographs
Edison Blue Amberol Recordings, 1912-1914
Edison Blue Amberol Recordings, 1915-1929
Columbia Phonograph Co.
Columbia Phonograph Companion, Volume I
Columbia Phonograph Companion, Volume II (New digital edition available on iTunes)
Phonograph Dolls and Toys
The Incomparable Capehart
Edison, Lambert Concert Records & Columbia Grand Records and Related Phonographs
Pathé Records and Phonographs in America, 1914-1922

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