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Shown in the top photo is the glassware used in the earliest models.

1933 Radiobar 510 glasses sm

Below is the glassware used in the 1934-1935 styles of the Radiobar. The decanters appear to be the same ones used in the earlier models, but the glassware is different.

Decoration consisted of sandblasted ribs on the front of the decanters, while the sides are completely sandblasted.  The glasses have molded ribs, but no sandblasting.


Shown below is the glassware used in the Philco Radiobars.  This style of glasses was used beginning in 1936, and continued until the end of production.  These glasses are the most likely style to be encountered, because the later sets are the most commonly found.

The 5 and 10 oz glasses have a prominent ripple in the glass as shown.

Decoration consisted of wide platinum bands flanked by thin black bands. The number of bands varied with the size of the glass.

Only a few of the cabinet styles had provisions for wine glasses. The model 550 is shown with wine glasses, and the larger 1938 cabinet had provisions for wine glasses.


Glass designations (from the 1937 Radiobar catalog)
l to r:
Whiskey 2 1/2 oz, Old Fashioned, Cocktail 5 oz, Highball 10 oz, Wine

Below are most of the decanters and other accessory glassware that were supplied with each of the Philco Radiobars.  Only a very few Radiobar styles had provisions for wine glasses or wine decanters.  The glass Ice Bucket would not have been supplied with cabinets that had the recessed metal ice bucket, and are seen only on certain 1938 and later models.


Liqueur decanters were permanently labeled with the name of the liqueur inside.  Available labels included Whisky, Bourbon, Rye, Gin, Vermouth, Brandy, and Scotch.  A polished metal cap/jigger was provided for each liqueur decanter.

Other items supplied with most Philco Radiobars were a polished Funnel, Stainless Steel Knife, Muddler, Bottle Opener and Corkscrew.