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Style 505

The styles 505/506/508 all used the same cabinet. The model designation differentiated which radio chassis was installed. In theory, the style 505 featured a five tube chassis, the 506 a six tube chassis and 508 an eight tube chassis. This is certainly true for some years.

The Style 505 was a popular style offered over a number of years.  It first appeared in 1931 or 1932.  The bottom image is of a 1933 model 505 which came with a Gilfillan five-tube radio. The price was $129.  The cabinet was advertised as featuring Oriental and Butt Walnut. 

In 1935, it was described as follows:

Size when closed 451⁄4 " high, 301⁄2" wide, 16" deep. When opened it is 581⁄4 " high, 541⁄4" wide. The equipment includes eight cocktail or small highball glasses, eight liquor glasses and six large highball glasses, six liquor decanters, one refuse container, two electric lights, cocktail shaker, funnel, stainless steel knife and special corkscrew and bottle opener. Space is provided for seltzer water and ginger ale bottles. It featured a 5-tube short wave (19 to 50 meters) chassis with American and foreign broadcast.  $139 complete, Less Radio, $109.00

This style did not appear in the 1937 catalog.

Pasted Graphic 14Radiobar508

1933 Radiobar 505 sm