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Style 528

The style 528 was angular and provocative in the streamline modern style.  It was offered from the earliest days and cost $249 when equipped with the Patterson 8 tube radio.  By 1937, the cost had risen to $252.50 and the standard radio was the Philco 37-620 6 tube radio.  The 1937 cost without radio was $200.

The cabinet featured rare, costly oriental woods and chrome trim and was 47 1/4” high, 34” wide and 17” deep closed.  In open position the cabinet was 63” high and 60” wide.

The early versions came with eight each of three size glasses, six decanters, cocktail shaker, polished funnel, ice container, refuse container.  A deep well was provided for storage of ginger ale or charged water.  Later versions were similarly equipped except that there were four sizes of glasses (eight each).

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