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Victor Gate Emblem

Victor Emblem
This decorative emblem consisting of the initials of The Victor Talking Machine Company was recently sold on ebay. This emblem was originally part of the gate on one of the entrances to building 17, the former cabinet factory (and current Victor Lofts condominiums). The photos below show how the gate looked on my visit in the 1980s and again on a subsequent visit in 2002. You can see where the emblems were removed by torch from the gates. The gates themselves remain to this day and are part of the Victor Lofts condominiums. The current owners installed a brass plaque to replace the each of missing emblems.
Gate 1980s

Building 17 Gate with Emblems 1980s
Building 17


Gate Close up

Closeup Showing Emblems Removed 2002
Building 17 today

Same Gates Today Showing Restoration